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Can your antenna survive a hurricane or tsunami ?

Mosley's Antenna's Did !!!

We couldn't help but notice the interest in some of the very complicated antenna designs that are being offered in the market place.

These antennas can be and in some instances are mechanical nightmares and over time will not fair well in harsh environments. We don't understand why someone would want a product that has these potential problems with less or same gain performance than a proven, tried and true Mosley antenna design?

We feel that the least amount of moving or mechanical parts that are in an antenna design; the better the chances are for surviving and operating in all of the various weather climates and conditions. Keep it simple stupid!

Another big misconception that is being pushed is what the antenna elements are made out of determines the gain of the antenna Well it doesn't!

Full size, linear loaded, trapped, or wet noodles, "Spacing along the BOOM of the elements is the basic function that determines the gain that a system will develop!"

We still feel 2+2 = 4! Apparently there are those that say it equals 6, or 9, or something other than the laws of mathematics. The sad news is there are those out there that are starting to believe it! Just because something is said over and over again; and it is picked up by those that have no factual premise, doesn't make it correct.

Just thought we would point out a few things we have been observing and wanted to set the record straight!

Mosley Engineering


For over 65 years, Mosley has been the industry leader in Design, Innovation, Quality and Service .

No detail is overlooked in the constant Mosley effort to supply the greatest antenna values possible to the Amateur Radio and Industrial markets.

It begins with the selection of materials known to be capable of surviving the rigors of worldwide climatic conditions...from arctic icing to typhoon driven salt air.

Such materials are used in all Mosley antennas. Quality is never sacrificed to bring a good price.

With literally thousands of antenna designs, let Mosley fill your antenna requirements.

From cataloged antennas to custom-engineered "systems", Mosley Electronics, Inc. is anxious to serve you.

Whatever your antenna needs may be, think first of Mosley...the World's Leader in Quality communication antennas.

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Mosley Antenna offers :

  • Amateur Radio
  • Commercial Use
  • Military
  • Citizen Bands



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