COMLINE SERVICES is a one-stop service for repair, servicing and rental of two-way radio communication devices and systems. 

Repair and Servicing

We are the repair centre for Kenwood, TYT, Standard Horizon and Vertex Standard equipment. Units are repaired in the order they are received.

  • Units are repaired as quickly as possible.
  • 24-Hour turnaround repair can be arranged for a fee.
  • Quality repair work takes time to do right and make the repairs last.
  • Turnaround times vary with repair load so expect between 7-14 working days on average or 2 to 4 weeks during peak periods.
  • Special part orders or returning the unit to the factory can delay a unit repair.
  • In warranty units are "no charge" except for return shipping and insurance. All shipping and insurance charges to us are the customer's responsibility and will not be reimbursed. Note: Some new warranty units may require a return to manufacturer for warranty fulfillment.
  • Warranty repair is only for units purchased from Comline Services. If you purchased your unit from another dealer you should return it to that dealer for warranty service. If the unit is misused, a minimal service fee will be required. Evaluation will be done before repairing.
  • Non warranty repairs are chargable. An evaluation will be done to excess the damage. A quotation by email / fax will follow shortly after evaluating.

Other Services

We repair Portable VHF, UHF, HF Transceivers.

  • Authorised inspection agent for IDA, of portable 2-way radios, base stations and others.
  • Installation of repeaters.
  • Laying of electrical and RF cables.
  • Evaluate, repair of Marine VHF portable, base stations, LMR, PMR, GMDSS, GPRS, FRS, Commercial or Business radios.