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Standard Horizon HX370S & HX370SAS
Submersible - Waterproof - Rated Intrinsically Safe

The HX-370S is a Submersible, Minature , 5-watt portable two-way VHF Marine transceiver and has all USA, International and Canadian channels. The HX-370S spots an emergency channel 16/9 whch can be immediately selected by pressing 16/9 key on the front panel. Besides VHF marine channel operation, the HX-370S provides the LMR ( Land Mobile Radio 137-174 Mhz ) transceiver operations ( programmable by your dealers ). Battery Pack supplied with the radio is a high-capacity 1400mah Nickel metal hydride battery pack.The HX370S includes the following features : Emergency Channel 9 & 16, 10 Weather channels, Memory Scanning, Programmable Priority Scanning, NOAA Weather Alert, Battery saver, Easy-to-Read LCD Display, Voice Scrambler FVP-31 (Optional), EEPROM Memory back-up, Battery Life displayed on LCD, Time-Out Timer (TOT)
HX370SAS Intrinsically Safe model
includes all the above, accept that it uses the Nickel-Cadium Battery Pack FNB-V57IS, FBA25 & E-DC-19A not included.




Dimensions : 58(W) X 120(H) X 30.5(D) mm
Weight : 380grams (with FNB-83)

Supplied Accessories :

FNB-83 7.2V 1400mah Ni-MH Battery Pack
( HX-370S Only )
FNB-V57IS 7.2V 1100mah Ni-Cad Battery Pack
( HX-370SIS Only )
NC-88C 120/220V Overnight Charger
CD-26 Charging Cradle
FBA-25A Alkaline Battery Case ( HX-370S Only )
CAT-460 VHF Antenna
E-DC-19A DC Cable with 12V Cigarette Lighter Plug ( HX-370S Only )
Clip-14 Belt-Clip with Screws

Options and Accessories
CMP-460S Noise-Cancelling Waterproof Speaker/Microphone
MH-57A4B Mini Speaker/Microphone
VC-24 VOX Headset
VC-27 Earpiece/Microphone
CT-32 Clone Cable
FVP-31 Voice Scrambler
VAC-370B 110VAC Desktop Rapid Charger
VAC-370C 220VAC Desktop Rapid Charger
NC-88B 110VAC Overnight Charger
NC-88C 220VAC Overnight Charger
CE-68 Programming Software
CT-111 Programming Cable for CE68
CAW-230 Radio to Sip's Antenna Adapto

For ship's use - Export only

Other Available Models
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