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Standard Horizon

Drop it on the deck, dunk it in 3ft of water for 30mins., the HX500S can take the punishment of the marine environment can dish out.

HX-600S - This unique little submersible radio is capable of being connected to a GPS through the charging cradle, which allows DSC distress calls to be sent with GPS position, a handy feature if you have to get off your vessel in a hurry. AM/FM & Aircraft Band (Receive only) is an added feature.

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Standard Horizon

Sm a ller, Lighter, unique functions, and built to take the day in punishment of the marine environment.

Marine and 40 commercial LMR VHF (dealer programmable) channel capability,1400mAh Nickel Metal Hydride - 18 hour b a ttery, Unique SOS distress be a con,Oversized LCD with ch a nnel n ames, Speaker mic and voice scrambler capability.

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25W Class D DSC Transceiver with dual station capability and 30W loud hailer

The MATRIX GX3000S i s capable of using 2 Enhanced RAM+ mic and/or VH-310 telephone-style handsets, allowing control of all VHF, DSC and hailer functions remotely. A powerful 30W loud hailer is integrated which includes listen back, fog signaling, bells and whistles.

GX-1500S Quest-X with Class-D DSC ( dedicated channel 70 receiver that continuously watches for DSC calls) with the ability to accept one e nhanced RAM+ microphone or VH-310 telephone-style handset .

Other Available Models
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